Urraco 15928

imageI’ve put this site together to assist any other Urraco owners who may want to try and maintain the car themselves.  The site details the work I’ve done, parts I’ve purchased and contacts I’ve made since buying 15928 back in October of 2008.  Back then it is fair to say that nobody wanted a Urraco let alone a P250.  Things have changed since then and these cars have become increasingly more valuable.  Sadly that has meant that they are now above the reach of many amateur mechanics.  Thats a shame because they are reasonably easy to work on and actaully pretty reliable.  These days they are purchased by collectors and stored in nice warm garages.  There are a few enthusiasts who still drive them around but they are a rare sight on UK roads.  This example was imported into the UK in 1975.  Originally Red with brown leather.  An S model which had leather seats and Air Con as standard.  I’m told but I have no photographic evidence that it was then sprayed White and the leather coloured White.  When I bought it it was in its current colour combination.  The engine has been totally rebuilt along with the suspension and brakes.  This is the list of the work carried out in the last nearly 8 years.

  1. Full engine and carburettor rebuild including new clutch, water pump, flywheel, main bearings, small ends, big ends, valves, valve seats (hardened for unleaded), oil pump, cylinder liners, pistons, rings.  Con rods balanced.  Engine block acid bathed and crack repaired.
  2. Rear engine sub frame and engine bay cleaned and painted.
  3. All brake pipes replaced, brake callipers replaced.  Brake discs front and back.
  4. Wheels stripped, sealed and repainted.
  5. New tyres
  6. Front Wheel Bearings
  7. Brake master cylinder rebuilt
  8. Clutch master cylinder rebuilt
  9. Radiator core cleaned.  Temperature sensor replaced with adjustable one.
  10. Dash removed and wiring tidyed up and replaced where necessary.  Dash bulbs replaced and original volt meter repaired.
  11. Front and rear suspension bushes replaced.
  12. Anti roll bar bushes replaced.
  13. Steering rack renovated, new bushes and new damper.  Included repair of broken alluminium steering mounts.
  14. Suspension top mounts replaced all round.
  15. Shock absorbers replaced all round.
  16. Handbrake cables replaced and adjusted, new handbrake pucks.
  17. Clutch slave cylinder refurbished and new flexible pipe included.
  18. Front fog light wiring replaced.
  19. Relays added for main beam and fog lights.
  20. Various paint work