Urraco 15928

imageIve always wanted to own a Lamborghini.  In October of 2008 I got my chance.  The car in question a 1975 Urraco P250S had belonged to a friend.  It had been driven here and there but had mostly sat in a damp shed.  I had known about it for some years but it was only when my friends personal circumstances changed and he had to sell that it was available at a reasonable price.  I discussed this dangerous decision with a professional mechanic. The engine is simple he proclaimed if the body work is sound, which it was, it will make a reasonable project.  I checked with a few suppliers regarding the cost of the usual items, brake pads, distributor cap etc.  So with the words “it just needs a bit of tuning of the carbs” ringing in my ears, I drove it the 4 miles home.  The car was running pretty badly probably on no more than 5 or 6 cylinders.  As you can imagine the carbs would be just the start.  Over the Past three years I have removed the engine and rebuilt most of it.  Its been in and out of the car three times.  Twice because I made mistakes, which I will detail on the site.  Most recently because it has a misfire on cylinder no 6.  Its not a difficult car to work on and I’m only an amateur mechanic.  The parts are easy to find and many of them are from other cars.

I hope this site will help those who need to work on a Urraco.  Or be of interest to those who love Lamborghinis or if you simply like pictures of cars and engines.

I aim to detail all the work I have done in pictures and on a site blog and to add pictures and video of the latest work.  I will also add a list of sites from which I have purchased parts or where you can find them.  If you have any questions that I can answer or comments to make, please do not hesitate to contact me.

A few thanks. Roger Gould my long suffering friend who never laughs (well not much) at my amateur mistakes.  Robert Box who can find the most obscure parts and for his fantastic optimism.  Colin Clarke (Colin Clarke Engineering) who despite running a busy business always finds time to help and loves Lamborghinis.  George Evans at Evans Engineering Ohio USA a great source of help and advice.

Tony Wates