Clutch Slave Cylinder

The clutch slave has a bolt in it with a washer instead of a bleed nipple. This isn’t a problem but I have been thinking recently that the pedal travel is getting longer. I purchased a self bleeding nipple that will replace the bolt. However when I went to put it in I discovered why the clutch has felt odd. The slave cylinder clip was not in its groove. See the pictures. Because of this the cylinder itself has moved further away from the actuator. I’ve drilled a hole and will tap it with a thread so that I can use a bolt to hold the cylinder in place. When this is done I will replace the bolt with the nipple and bleed the system.

Latest picture shows the finished slave cylinder with the bolt sticking out the side which holds the cylinder in the side. I had to replace the small piece of copper pipe and made this one slightly longer. You can also see the new self bleeding bleed nipple that works very well. I had to seal the threads with some high pressure thread seal to stop it leaking but all seems to be working well. No time for a test drive tonight but the clutch moves well and holds without problem.



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