The suspension is unsophisticated but effective with independent Mc Phearson struts all round.  The damper units can be rebuilt fairly easily.  The difficult bit to find is the top mount.  In particular the front ones which are multi directional.  The original top mounts were like rubber donuts with a central rose joint.  They wear out easily and arlingering ear available.  I cannot seem to source them but i have been told they were from a small commercial vehicle.The pictures show some new top mounts that were made By a specialist suspension company.  They dont have the rubber to smooth out the shocks but are a bit more accurate.   These mounts and similar designs have been used effectively on several Urracos, Jalpas and Silhouetts I believe.  if you would like details of where to obtain the top mounts please contact me through the site they are relatively inexpensive.  Revised top spring holders can also be machined to work with the top mounts.