Urraco Engine Block Crack Repair

more holes and pins are fitted along the length of the crack until the whole crack is stitchedThe crack is stitched along its whole length with pins glued in place and will also be covered in liquid metal to complete the seal.


The small crack found in the block at the base of the oil wayThe first pin is drilled with the next partly into the block and partly into the first pin

A pin is fixed into the hole and sealed in place with Loctite

During the course of the rebuild we found a small crack in the middle of the block.  The crack is at the base of the main oil way.  Its impossible to weld the crack becuase the heat would probably distort the block and the crank would no longer seat correctly.  The very clever engineers at Modus engineering near Tunbridge Wells decided to stitch the crack.  If you’ve never seen this process I have attached some pictures of the crack and the stitiching process.

the pin is glued in placached some pictures. Very clever and my block is good as new.

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