Throttle Cable Replacement

So last week the throttle cable broke and stranded me in the local village.  It’s the first time I’ve actually had a breakdown that needed to get me towed in??  I was half a mile from my mechanics shop so he came out and towed me back.  A quick bodge to the cable got me home.  Could have been worse as I’d been in Bedford and driven on the motorway for 350 miles over the previous two weekends.


The fiddly bit is getting the cable through the tiny hole into the end of the throttle mechanism.


The bolt is the adjustment for any slack in the cable.

Of course I had a spare cable but strangely it doesn’t fit? It’s too short by about 6 inches.  I think this is because it’s a right hand drive car and the cable runs a different route under the bottom of the car.  I sent the broken cable off of the car to Venhill and they returned me two nice new ones 2 days later.  The cable that came off was 1.6mm thick the original ones are 2.5mm which is possibly why it broke in the first place. image This is the cable end at the pedal junction