Urraco Engine Rebuild

Not much activity on the rebuild recently.   New Job and plenty  of travel to the USA.  Although that might prove handy for parts.  I have ordered a new set of pistons which come complete with gudgeon pins and all the rings in place.  They also matched to the liners which I have also purchased.  The small end bearings are no longer available so these will have to be made but thats not a difficult job for a decent engineering company.  The small end on the piston that I took out was in very poor condition but they will need to be replaced for the new pistons anyway.

My current  project is stripping down the engine in order to get the block and the crankshaft over to Modus engineering.  They are going to examine the crankshaft and decide if it needs grinding down.   I already know that oversized  main bearing and big end shells are available.  If I can get away with leaving the crank I will but bearing in mind the condition of the small end bearings its likely that it will need some work.  It will cost around £300 to have the crankshaft  reground.  But seeing as I have taken the plunge to get the pistons all replaced now would seem like the time to make sure the bottom end is fine as well.

I will be posting pictures on this site and on Lamborghini talk Urraco foruum as I go.  As always if anyone wants any specific pictures or information just ask.

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