Urraco engine rebuild part 3

Good news the clever lads at Modus engineering reckon they can fix the crack in the block by stitching it.  Drilling small holes along the crack and glueing pins in it to stop it spreading and then covering it with liquid metal to stop the water leaking under pressure.

More goods news the crankshaft has been polished and looks good.  New set of journal shells and big ends will do the trick.  We are just trying to track down some shells.

2 responses to “Urraco engine rebuild part 3”

  1. Toni Hugo says:

    Hi Tony just thought I drop a line as a fellow 250 Urraco owner and to say having owned mine since the late 70,s I know the pain and pleasure these cars give .



    • admin says:

      Thanks Toni I will take that as encouragement. I am desperate to get the car ready to drive down to the classic Le Mans. If you have any pictures of your car I would love to put them in the gallery on the site.


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